2008 – 2018    (10 yrs)    Senior Optical & HW Development Engineer

Sanmina Inc.  (Dallas area)  Viking Technology Div.  

Opto-Electronics,   Medical,   Telecom,   Automotive,  Consumer Electronics,   Laboratory analyzers

My Design Group;   Fiberoptic and Free Space Optics,   Optical Design,   Assembly Automation, Optical Active-Alignment Equipment

Experience Leading:

  • Head of Opto-Mechanical Engineering for the Optical & Microelectronics Div (OMED).
  • Responsible electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, and fiberoptic packaging efforts.
  • Responsible for mechanical and CAD aspects of, Contract proposals, & New business development.

Design Experience:

  • Senior CAD and Opto-mechanical Designer for the product development group.
  • SolidWorks and Inventor Expert.
  • Opto-mechanical design of laser-based, Autonomous Vehicle & LIDAR systems with free-space Microlens, micro-optics, and fiber optics.
  • Designed robotic assembly stations for active alignment & UV epoxy attachment of fiberoptic telecom  modules, scientific lab instruments, and medical units.
  • Designed robotic assembly stations and active alignment stations:
  • Systems with many degrees of freedom, sub-micron precision, pneumatics, and machine vision.
  • Systems for Laser weld & epoxy attachment of lasers, photodiodes, lenses, & optics.
  • Responsible for collaborate and design with Zemax optical engineers.
  • Mechanically designed an exterior harsh-environment telecom modem module for remote high-speed internet applications. Designed a bench-top laboratory food-safety, pathogen testing system with optics and electronics.
  • Mechanical Free-Space Photonics for Telecom Transceivers, Demuxs, High speed Modulators, etc.
  • Free-space 1550 nm Pulsed laser with Pumps, Erbium doped fiber, and high power micro lenses.
  • Design Miniature spectrometer particle analyzer and spectrometry interrogation systems.