2005 – 2008    (3 yrs)    Senior Mechanical Engineer     

Photodigm Inc    (Dallas area)    

Laser Diode Mfr of Gradient Surface-Emitting and DBR Lasers

  • Designer of Submounts, Hermitic packages, & Modules. Near Infrared to 1550 nm.
  • Responsible for Semiconductor Laser Packaging design.
  • Worked with Free-space Aspherical Lens and Waveguided Frequency-doubling Crystals.
  • Designed and built Thermoelectric-cooler based Test Platforms.
  • Designed Robotics for High-vacuum E-beam Evaporation Chamber.
  • Designed and Built an Automatic Laser Test Station with Micropositioners and Pneumatics.
  • Designed Sealed TO-8 and TO-56 Can type of Hermitic Laser Package.

2003 – 2005    (2 yrs)    Head of Engineering Technology

NanoLign Inc.   (Dallas area)   

 Nanopositioning Microelectronics Mfr, Optical and RF Devices

  • Head of Engineering for a five employee, high-tech, MEMS based, start-up company.
  • Responsible for all nanotechnology packing and microelectronic component development.
  • Primary designer for the company, including solid-modeling and CAD efforts.
  • Designed all the chip-level, component-level, and module-level packaging.
  • Worked with miniature free-space RF components. (Phase shifters, etc).
  • Design support for KU band Satellite-tracking Phased-array Flat-panel Patch Antenna.

2002 – 2003    (1 yr)    Head of Mechanical Group

Sanmina-SCI Inc.   (Dallas area)   

 Electronics Contract Mfr, Opto-Electronics, Medical, Datacom

  • Optical Module Packaging Expert. • Miniaturization, Tiny Free-space optics, Micro-positioning.
  • Product Development. Components, Modules, and Circuit cards.
  • Contracting efforts, Technical Sales, Proposal Development.
  • Project Planning and Cost Development. • Web Site Designer for Document Control System.

1995 – 2002    (8 yrs)    Member of Technical Staff

Alcatel  Inc.   (Dallas area)   

 Fiber Optic Transmission Sys, SONIT, OC-192, WDM, Microwave

  • Fiber Optic Components Designer. Microwave Hybrid Designer. Active Alignment of Optics.
  • Package Designer of 10Gb Laser Transmitter and Fiber Optic Receiver Packages.
  • Ceramic Microcircuit Layout and Design. Microstrip & Coplanar Transmission Lines.
  • CAD System Administer (AutoCAD). Computer Engineering Services Coordinator.
  • Mechanical, Thermal, and Optical Analysis.

1990 – 1995    (5 yrs)    System Engineer

Telephony International Inc.  (Dallas area)

Operator Services Systems, Class 5 Switch

  • Management Support: System Engineering, Proposals, Staging, and Field Support.
  • Operations and Production: MPR-II, Material Planning, Purchasing, Inventory.
  • Project Engineering: Digital and Analog Telecom Board Designer. • Software Programmer (C++).

1980 – 1990    (10 yrs)    Design Engineer

Texas Instruments  (Dallas area)   

Avionics, Electronics, Defense Systems

  • System Engineering on Test Technology Design Issues. • Built-in-Test Hardware Design.