Welcome to my Personnel career page.       I hope you enjoy my site.      For 35 years I have been a designer and engineer in the field of optics and microelectronics.     If you have a career opportunity, you would like to discuss, please send me an email.

•  Microelectronic Packaging   • Optical Modules   • Fiberoptic   •     EMS  • Nanotechnology    • RF Components   • Thin-film Microelectronics   • Free-space Optics   • Hermeticity

• Datacomm/Telecom   • Semiconductor Lasers   • Medical    • LIDAR for Autonomous Vehicles   

• Robotic Optical Active- Alignment  • Optical Assembly Equip  • Automation 

• Optical Engineering   • Mechanical Engineering   • CAD Expert (SolidWorks)